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Simplify GDPR Compliances Monitoring With Securign GenX SIEM.

Securign GenX SIEM provides all in one security monitoring and compliances management platform to sharpen your GDPR compliance. By concatenating multiple tools into one platform, Securign gives you visibility of your entire security posture and simplifies the compliance process.

Sharpen Your GDPR Compliance With Securign

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a legislation focuses at protecting personal data and privacy of European Union residents. The GDPR applies to any company that is doing business with EU data subjects, In other words if any organization offers goods or services, maintains offices, or operates a website in the EU, the GDPR likely applies.

GDPR demands organizations to maintain a plan to detect a data breach, regularly evaluate the effectiveness of security practices, and document evidence of compliance. Instead of specific technical direction, the regulation puts the onus on organizations to maintain best practices for data security.

Since day one Securign supports GDPR compliance readiness by helping you detect data breaches, monitor security policies, and document your compliance readiness. Securign centralizes requisite capabilities like compliance monitoring, vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection, SIEM and log management.

Securign comes with requisite capabilities to manage GDPR compliance.

  • Keep your IT environment secure with regular vulnerability and malware scans.
  • Security policy monitoring helps you to sharpen compliance posture of your organization.
  • Detect intrusion and potential data breaches with built in intrusion detection system.
  • Prepare for forensic investigation with log retention and management
  • Continuous monitoring for file integrity, failed login attempts, malware based attacks etc.
  • ¬†Detect, investigate and report on data breaches.
  • Document GDPR compliance readiness.

Explore How Securign Supports GDPR

Continuous Monitoring

Monitor for vulnerabilities, successful and failed login attempts, changes in file integrity, security policies, incident detection and response, log monitoring. (Article 24, 25, 28)

SIEM Log Management

Aggregates events from across your IT environment, analyze the log data with build in customizable dashboard and reports. Articles 33, 34 (Notification of a personal data breach)

Vulnerability Assessment

Regular vulnerability scans helps you to keep your network secure. Securign performs periodic vulnerability scans using global vulnerability database. Article 35 (Data protection impact assessment)

Personal Data Security

Monitors for communications with known malicious IP addresses,monitor changes into security policies,monitor file integrity. (Article 24, 25, 28)

Incident Detection

State-based correlation capabilities to detect threats. Built-in notification capabilities enable analysts to be alerted to alarms through email, PagerDuty, and Slack.

Incident Response

Powerful kibana dashboards enable forensics investigation with rich filter, search, and reporting capabilities event and log data.

Learn how securign simplifies GDPR compliances