Keep an eye on every single activity of your IT environment

Find and stop advanced attacks for your business.


end point security analysis

Securign aims at providing the right visibility to help security analysts identify, analyze and respond to threats and attack campaigns across multiple endpoints.


cloud security monitoring

Securign supports API-level monitoring of the cloud infrastructure, using integration modules to draw security info from well recognized cloud providers.


Containers Security monitoring

Securign gives visibility of security in your Docker hosts and containers, tracking their actions and detecting risks, vulnerabilities and anomalies.


Network Traffic Analysis

Built in NIDS collects, process every single data packet and performs signature and protocol based analysis to identify any network based activity. 


Machine Learning & UEBA

Securign can learn and profile the users, apps and traffic standard behavior patterns, and identify anomalies based on differences from these patterns.


Network Anomaly Detection

Securign monitors crucial network characteristics in real time and identifies any unusual patterns or anomaly using it’s deep learning capabilities.


Attacker Intent Detection

It enables security analysts to find the intent of security threats immediately and without all the complexity associated with this task.


System Event Co-relation

Securign’s event co-relation engine analyzes systems logs using threat intelligence queries, system information, perform lookup and produces risk-based alarms.

Investigate Your Endpoints For Threats & Respond to them

Remote Forensics

Don’t wait for the alerts, hunt for the attackers pro-actively. Dig deeper inside your endpoints and perform the threat hunting .

SQL Like Syntaxt

Search your endpoints for threats just like a SQL database.

Enduser monitoring

Monitor each and every activity of the end user.

Cortex Threat Analysis

Securign is equipped with powerful, observable analysis and active response engine Cortex.

Analyze the threats

Using RESTful API, Cortex makes observable analysis a breeze.

Active Response

Securign uses cortex responders to perform specific actions on alerts, cases, tasks etc.

Keep regulatory compliance status upto date


Log Data Management

Securign agents can read and safely forward operating system and task logs to a central manager for rule-based analysis and storage.


File Integrity Monitoring

it tracks the file system and detects changes to file, permissions, ownership and attributes that you must keep an eye on.


Vulnerability Detection

Securign gather device inventory info and send it to the server where it is correlated to the continuously updated CVE databases.


Configuration Assessment

Securign checks configuration settings to ensure compliance with your security policies, standards and/or hardening guides.


Policy & Compliance Monitoring

With the help of OpenSCAP & CIS-CAT securign provides excellent security controls to comply with industry standards and regulations.


Host based Intrusion Detection

Securign combines anomaly and signature-based techniques to identify intrusions or software misuse.


Automated Incident Response

Securign offers effective responses to different countermeasures to   resolve external and internal  threats


Security Alerts & Reporting

Securign enables automated reports to be generated and send it to the appropriate person.

Maximize your security

secured companies
Threats Identified
eliminated threats
Money Saved

Identify and mitigate cyber threats in realtime and stay compliant

Compliance Management

Keep an eye on your compliance with the help of OpenSCAP and CIS-CAT modules.

Compliance Reporting

One click reporting for PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO27001, HIPAA compliance.

Vulnerabilty Indentification

Automated and continuous vulnerability scanner helps you keep your assets safe and secure.


Securing can be deployed anywhere. In-house, over the cloud or in an hybrid environment.

Cyber threats are growing rapidly and that’s why governments across the planet are coming up with cyber security and privacy compliance. Non-compliance with these new laws may cost you severe penalties and your business as well. Securign will help you:

  • Protect your digital assets
  • Keep your compliance upto date
  • Helps you proving your compliance