Cyber Security | Risk Management

An Affordable SIEM for Everyone.

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Cyber Security | Risk Management

An Affordable SIEM for Everyone.

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One Platform For Log Management, Threat Detection, Remote Forensics & Compliance.

Securign gives you powerful threat detection capabilities across your cloud and on-premises landscape,helping to eliminate your security blind spots and regain control over shadow IT. Even as you migrate workloads and services from your data center to the cloud, you have the assurance of continuous security visibility.

Core Features

Log Management

Process of log aggregation, analysis, event correlation, storage and dispose.

Network Analysis

Protocol and signature based analysis. Full packet capture for forensics analysis.

Host Analysis

HIDS system for end point activity monitoring such as system audit,FIM etc.

File Integrity Monitoring

File integrity monitoring (FIM) system watches selected files, triggering alerts when these files are modified.

Anomaly & Rootkit Detection

Anomaly detection refers to the action of finding patterns in the system that do not match the expected behavior.

Compliance Monitoring

A process of verifying that all systems in network are running as per the risk management policies.

Threat Detection

Intrusion detection is a process of monitoring network and end points for malicious activities and IoC.

Remote Forensics

Performing digital forensics task such as memory dump, process dump etc remotely over the network.

Alerts & Reports

Automated alerts and reports on malicious activities such as cyber attacks, anomaly detection over the email, SMS, slack etc.

“As the world is increasingly interconnected, everyone shares the responsibility of securing cyberspace.”

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