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Detect, Investigate & Respond to Cyber Attacks in Real Time

Enterprise Grade SIEM Solution

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Detect, Investigate & Respond to Cyber Attacks in Real Time

Enterprise Grade SIEM Solution

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Securign : The Next Generation SIEM

Simplify your cyber security & compliances programs with Securign

With securign you can monitor security controls, policies and can prove that your regulatory compliances are in place. Securing gives you bird eye view of your IT environment, You can detect, investigate and actively respond to cyber attacks in real time.  

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Enterprise Grade Security With In Budget

Product Features

Log Management tool

Log Management

Log management and analysis is an art and science seeking to make sense out of computer-generated records, ELK stack is powerful tool to simplify the process.

Vulnerability Assessment

Regular vulnerability scans helps you to keep your network secure. Securign performs periodic vulnerability scans using global vulnerability database.

Malware Detection

Once malware is installed on a system, it modifies the system to hide itself from the user.Securign uses powerful anti-malware tools to keep your systems free from rootkits , trojans, virues etc

System Call Monitoring

Built in linux audit tool monitors track security-relevant information on your machine. Based on preconfigured rules, Audit proves detailed real-time logging about the events that are happening on your system.

Incident Detection

Real time log monitoring, threat intelligence and built in intrusion detection system helps you to detect any malicious activity or intruder into your network.

Security Alerts

Generate alerts on every single malicious activity. Even if your team is aways alerts will be triggered to email, pagerDuty and slack channel.

File Integrity Monitoring

File integrity monitoring (FIM) watches specified files for modification and changes.FIM stores the cryptographic checksum and other attributes of a known good file and regularly compares it to the current file being used by the system, watching for changes.

Command Monitoring

Securign has ability to monitor output of any specific command and treat the out put as it is log file, custom rules can be created, like for Log analysis for instance, in order to process the output and trigger an alert when alert criteria are met.

Policy Monitoring

Policy monitoring is the process of verifying that all systems conform to a set of predefined rules regarding configuration settings and approved application usage. Securign uses three components to perform this task: Rootcheck, OpenSCAP and CIS-CAT.

Intrusion Detection

Securign comes with build in host based intrusion detection system. IDS monitors network or systems for malicious activity.

Cyber Forensics

Securign collects and analyze the system data and made it available for cyber investigation or forensics.

Service & Support

Need enterprise support ? Securing will help with SIEM configuration integration and custom updates.

Simplify Security & Compliances (GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA etc) Management.

See What Our Customer Says

Regulatory compliances are very sophisticated, Securign made it easy for us to keep our IT infrastructure safe, secure and compliant.
Nick Iacovelli
Security Engineer
We deployed Securign to our IT environment and in 15 minutes we identified security threats and lack of patching in the environment.
Jean Charles
IT Manager
Enterprise grade solution which helps us keep our IT environment secure and compliant with most of the security regulations such as GDPR, PCI DSS.
David Healey
Director IT


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