Simplify regulatory compliance

Get the full control and visibility of your IT environment. Comply with regulatory compliance such as GDPR, PCI DSS, PDPA etc.

"63% organizations increased their IT budget to invest in technologies to prevent and/or detect data breaches."

Policies & Compliance Monitoring

Get complete insight of your IT environment, monitor every single process, network packet, every single changes and security policies. 

Cyber Forensics

Collect all the event logs and network packets, perform analysis and forensics to discover malicious activities, frauds and cyber threats.

Compliance Reporting

Securign comes with dedicated reporting modules for PCI DSS, GDPR. You can also customized your reports as per your need and requirement.

Securign Compliance module powered by


OpenSCAP is developed by Redhat and NIST. OSCAP is used for monitoring security standard defined in the configuration files.


OSquery is developed by facebook to achieve the cyber security standards and for forensics support.


CIS provides CIS Benchmark of cyber security standards of various softwares and devices. These benchmarks can be used for achieving compliance standards.


The Linux Auditd program can be used for monitoring user and system activities. It helps fighting with insider threats.

Deploy regulatory compliance with securign.

Securign experts will help you to comply with most of the security compliance such as GDPR, PCI DSS etc.